Collaborative Robot

Friction Modeling and Compensation for Cobot

Our research goal is to develop a comprehensive friction model for collaborative robot manipulators. Due to the use of a transmission system incorporated in the robot actuators, manipulators are suffering from high joint friction. This would be a hinder to achieve high manipulator performance in different applications.

Safety Algorithm for Cobot

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Collision Detection

The safety algorithm is describing that guarantees safety against collisions or accidents within the robot’s workspace when the robot is running.

A common method of collision detection is to detect joint torque from the robot’s force/torque sensor or use a current sensor to estimate the torque. When the torque exceeds the threshold value. Stop the robot or change the robot’s path after a collision.


Collision avoidance is the estimation and planning of the robot’s motion by using additional sensors other than those required to drive the robot. If there are any obstacles in the robot’s workspace, the robot must take this obstacle into account. so, the robot must do replanning the path, trajectory and etc..


we researching that these collision avoidance tasks will be performed using proximity sensors, and interesting problems to be solved, including self-collision.


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