Rules & Regulations

This ‘Rules and Regulations’ pertains to the ADR in IROS 2018. This guidelines intend to give the participating teams on how each team will be graded to determine the winning team in a manner that is fair to appreciate technologically innovative and well-implemented team’s efforts.

  1. Each team will have twenty minutes (subject to change depending on the number of participants). For the given twenty minutes, each team will attempt to race as many times as they want. Each attempt must starts at the starting position. The team’s official score will be selected from the best attempt.
  2. Each attempt will be recorded in time. Before each attempt, the team is allowed to turn on their ground computer (if there is one) or any other supporting ground equipment. The power of the drone can be applied prior to each attempt. (This is to accommodate different booting time of each team’s systems)
  3. The record time of each team’s attempt is measured from the time to take off and finish the attempt. If twenty minutes passes without finishing the course, the flight time and the last gate the drone passed is recorded.
  4. Each attempt is considered “finished” by successful passing the final gate in the correct order. If the drone deviates from the course and does not pass each gate in order, or malfunctions, is not able to sustain safe and controlled flight, or the team operator declares ending the attempt, this attempt is considered “not finished”.
  5. If the team does not finish the whole sequence, the ID number of the gate that the drone reached and the ending time is recorded.
  6. The winning team shall be the team with shortest flight time if the team finishes the whole course.
  7. For grading teams who did not finish the whole course will be compared with the ID number of the gate it reached. If two or more teams reached the same gate, the team with shorter flight time shall be given higher ranking.
  8. The judging committee reserves the right to stop any team’s attempt if considered dangerous or not following the guidelines. Also the judging committee reserves the right to rule out any attempt’s record if any unfair activity is found (e.g. using sensors not allowed, obtain information not open to the all teams, human intervention during the flight and so on).